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Our Mission
Our Mission Consulting Assitance

Our mission

Mission journal . . .

At "Status Club" we go deep to unlock insight and have the courage to act. We looking to help foreigner who living in or planning to move to Thailand with language barrier issue and other things ours clients can't do by themselves or don't know whom they should contact for which kind of work. Our project is to help you in anyway and any cases, We bring success to our clients, to make sure you getting your best experience of enjoyably life in Thailand. 

Our Vision Consulting Assitance

Our Vision

Our Vision

Business idea

At "Status Club" our vision on helping everyone to have a better life in daily basic keep growing each day, our idea is to solves any kind of problem in your daily life. Make sure everybody get what they want & need, when they needed it.

Our Vision
About Us

Status Club is mainly assistance & consulting service company we focus on assist your family or company to accomplish your goal flag. We lead to client successes in solving they problem or improving their business. 

We combine a dominant package of consulting and assistance capabilities, insurance, convenient all in one service and industry understanding that no other done before within Thailand. Our focus is on providing knowledge and solutions throughout the entire value chains of the service we serve.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Excellence Professional

We offer services of magnificent quality based on our accumulated, boundless and overwhelming knowledge and experience. We also strive repetitively to explore new services.

Client Essential

Our attempt is emphasize on our client, we are honored of always thinking in terms of what is the best for our client. Suggestion solutions that are not only theoretical but workable and being responsible for leading the client along the path to success and solved all problem.

Integrity Sincerity

We are proud of our reputation, built over many years, which depends on us consistently doing the right thing, not what is easiest. We are true to ourselves and to others. We must demonstrate integrity in all our business conduct, including dealings with fellow employees, clients, intermediaries, suppliers, governments, financial record keeping and treatment of company property.









I want to make my condominuim more attractive & modern

I can't communicate with my employees.

I want to fixed my television & AC but the technical worker can't understand me!

How can I apply for business license? 

I want to get a lawyer for my court cases but they can't speak English, the one that can speak are too expensive for me.

I want to get a website for my business but I don't know how to do it.

What kind of insurance I should buy for me and my family?

Can I get a

1 year


Status club services help pattaya

How can I get my work permit?

I can't open a saving bank account in Thailand because of my visa.

If there's a





No issue is too small for us when it come from our client's and all of your problems is important to us.


SC provide any kind of help to make your life more easier, there is no limit service box in our dictionary.

Some of the help our client's didn't think we could've help

Problems Solve
  • I want to sell my car

  • I want to find a maid for my house

  • I want to renovate my house

  • I want to pay my car tax

  • I want to fix my pump

  • I want to rent a space for my business

  • I want to import my good to Thailand

  • I want to sign a buying condominium contract but it all in Thai language

  • I want to make sure the construction team don't charge me over price cause I'm foreigner

  • I want to import my good to Thailand

  • I want to analyze Thailand market for my business purpose 

SC | Main Services
Main Services

SC | Main services

Assistance services

SC | Assistance


SC | Assistance Services
SC | Creative Center
SC   Creative Center




What most people ask us

How do SC charge me for services?

We charges our clients depend on which kind of job it is, we got two option on this :


1. Charge by hours rate : We help you for 40 mins pay us only that, we help for 2 us that.


2. Charge by project job : Depend on your project price are different but you would only pay us 1 time until the project ending. 

Can I really ask SC for any kind of help?

YES! you can and you should also.


SC main goal is to be able to help our clients in any and every-way as we can with friendly and understanding, no matter how small or big the problem might be we willing to listen to you and come up with great solution for your problem and trouble.



You can help me with translation, so how many language you speak? 


We speak fluidly in 3 languages as of now included



Our translation and interpreter service will help solve all your problem with language barrier issue, no matter is it a translation of the contract, talking with other, translate your website language and many other that client can as from us.

Can you work with clients abroad or on site?

Sure! we could,


Client abroad : If you abroad but want to prepare your new business or your trip before heading too Thailand we could assist you on that by email , skype conference , phone call.


Client on site : If you need us at your house , office , or any where to solve your problem with technician , worker , landlord , with whoever you can make an schedule with us.

Voice From Our Clients


Voice from our clients

I'm impressive with they fast and effective service! I contact "SC" to help me on buying a car, they travel with me to Chiang Mai and help me negotiate with seller plus checking up the car and transfer the car to my name within a day everything is done. Would come back for them again in any other issue I got.  

Michael Johnson
Chicago, USA

Good explanation and advise on "Personal Accident" and "Car Insurance" I been living here many years and go though lots of insurance broker, SC really make me feel like they really care about what insurance plan I choose and what type of insurance I need.

Nikolai Chupin
Moscow, Russia

I was really unsure about buying a insurance in Thailand but anyhow after couple of days talking with Vitaly from SC and decide to buy it and never regret that decision.

Cody Aiden
London, England

I was dropping by SC for they visa and work permit services while in the process I was consult with them about construction company for renovate my house and I ending up using they services in interior design and renovate of my house. They price were nearly the best and they services are surely a 5 star quality. I got my 1 year visa, my work permit and a stylish design and well construction renovate job, can't ask them for more.

Sofia Ward
Florida, USA

We happy to hear all your problems are solved

I found SC though website, I need help in starting a divorce cases in Thailand with extra of selling my cars and condominium. SC make appointment for me with couple of lawyers and talking while they help being my interpreter and let me choose which lawyer I wanted to hire while giving me an insight advise of my condition and a path I could take. At of now my cases is done and I already selling my cars and condominium though SC, they're my savior.

Elena Polianskaya
Kharkov Ukraine

I'm looking for starting business in Thailand for couple of years after I'm doing my research I get in touch with SC for marketing consulting and preparation of my new company and work permit. Later on I contact them again for help me getting Broadcast licenses for my business, they did a great job on explicate on documents needed and process of getting licenses while assist me prepare the document and apply for the licenses. I really recommend them to anyone who want help in starting your business in Thailand.

Alexander Sukhanov
Moscow, Russia

I moving from Russia last year, looking for logistic company to help me moving my items to Thailand and got recommend from a friend to contact SC. Getting they quote in couple of days with reasonable price and continuously to use they services in visa and insurance of my family, free consulting in lots of matter and they solves all my problem, happy with they services from start till the end!

Irina Saraeva
Khabarovsk, Russia

Well inform and great consulting service, my issue with accounting and tax things were gone. They did what they promise. Good job and keep up the services! 

Alexander Kireev
Vladivostok, Russia
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