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You are in good company!

See our happy clients and people we have helped.

 Alan Bosnic - Personal Business

{ SC made problems look simple and easy to solve, while they're at it with smiled and friendly. } 

Olesia Kuznetsov - Residence

{ My family was looking for insurances then we passed by SC company. After talking with them with their reasonable quotations and cared we ending with health, car, and personal accident insurance. Great services and mindset. } 

 Alexandr Kozlov - Residence

{ Fast and effective insurance broker, I got the policy within 3 days and I used a claim after that without any problem. } 

{ I consult SC on the matter of buying a car. They have guided me throughout the processed from checking the 2nd hand tents and cars, negotiate with the seller, transferred, car tax, and car insurance. } 

 Dmitry Alexeev - Residence

Stanislav Nikitin - Residence

{ We asked SC for helped to deal with the government immigration officer in my 1 years visa issue that I wasn't able to solve for a week. They dealing with the officer and got my visa done within 2 days, I gave them best hand down problems solver in Pattaya. } 

 Kevin Dogusal - Residence / Investment

{ I got my lawyer through SC recommendation with my condominium developer cases. The resulted was magnificent and I thanked SC for that. } 

Peter Sharon - Residence / Businessman

{ Unbeatable services in any direction or matters. They did what they said. } 

 Harry Smith - Residence

{ I had met many disorganized construction companies and never imagined I could get my house renovate the way I wanted, SC did prove I was wrong. } 

Thomas Williams - Business man

{ I had met SC 2 years ago when I asked them to help me register the company. I came to them again for helped on my business license, After a hard worked together with them finally we were able to get it. I couldn't imagined myself would be able to do it alone. } 

 Ethan Brown - Residence

{ One click for me and I don't have to do anything, SC really serves me well. } 

Roman Popov - Residence

{ People always have difficulties to entrust someone with personal documents, I was one of them but now, I feel like SC is a true friend. } 

 Yulia Salimova - Travel Industry 

{ For 4 years now, my company included me myself and all of my employees been using insurance recommended by SC and would continue to do so. } 

Leila Ilina - Logistic Industry 

{  It was a great experience in knowing how this company works. They worked from dusk to dawn not like others with the sense of service mind along the way. } 

 Mark Jones - Shop Owner 

{  I do say Status Club RULES !!!. } 

Jake Morgan - Trading Industry 

{ With the right man for the right job and the right connection, all jobs can be done easily, that is why SC here. } 

 Antonova Mironova - Residence 

{ At SC, they really makes me feel like a home away from home. } 

Marcus Perol - Family Residence 

{ Got all my house fixed with a high-quality job and reasonable price, love them! } 

Did the reviews catch your attentions? 

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