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Status Club Co., Ltd. not your ordinary consulting company or do so in assistance company.


  For us it not just about job and payment or consulting and then assistance, SC does lots of things with the cooperate of ours team and partners combine with enormous sub-contract we been building up for many years BUT at the end many of ours friends and clients asking us.

Who we are . . .

We're team of experience people who living in Thailand for many years before and facing through a difficult time learning the way of living and to do things. After many years of mistaken and try we thinking about helping other like us. 

Our values

Finding the best solution and assist our client's in any regard. We have a simple purpose – to serve customers well and in time of needed.

Company Vision &

Our vision is to help our clients live a better life here in Thailand.


You are in good company!

see our happy client and people we have helped.

When choose us

When choose us

We work for you by working with you.

Working with us

Working with us

Amazing things come from collaboration.

Different project

Different project

Our service can align with your need.

Be together

Be together

We become an extension of your team.

Solve the problem

Solve the problem

We manage things through various means.


Let just said when you can't find solution or answer to your issue, SC will be there to help you solve it. When you want to get something done but you don't know how to do it, SC arrives to get it for you. When you lost or don't know where to go, call SC we'll be there for you.


Your friendly neighborhood

Status Club

At the end of the road, ours goal is to help every foreigners we come across in solving problems/issue, send ours clients to the right direction, giving you the tools and information needed to start your business. Assist and support you in anyway and any matter we able.

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