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Status Club is an experienced, friendly consulting service company based in Pattaya, Thailand. We focus on assisting foreign individuals, families, and companies to accomplish their specific goals.



We take our role as the all in one assistance company, we provide innovative solutions to meet your new requirements. Serve you with responsiveness and efficiency, deserve your trust through proven superior quality. Our clients choose us because we tackle any matter that throws to us and we always coming up with the boundless answer to solve problems.



With thirteen years of experience, we've honed our processes to a specific goal: getting results. We care about understanding you and your customer’s insight.


What makes us so difference from others?


WE RESEARCH - We bought ourselves a challenge to always research new projects that come to us, we research to understand and to know every tiny problem in every corner there is to fully support you and your business and to prevent any uprising issue that might come.


WE PLANNING - We put our head and mind over our body when it comes to looking for solutions for our clients, We think before the act and we always got plans up our sleeves to solve any issue you may face with.


WE SUPPORT -  We always are there for our clients when you need us the most, we support our clients in every way our clients could possibly imagine. From the smallest things such as transportation, translation, interpreter, prepare the document, make an appointment, being agency or broker, consulting, etc.    

Finding out more about SC down below...
Who we are . . .

We're team of experience people who living in Thailand for many years before and facing through a difficult time learning the way of living and to do things. After many years of mistaken and try we thinking about helping other like us. 

Company Vision &

Our vision is to help our clients live a better life here in Thailand.

What we do . . .

Finding the best solution and assist our client's in any regard, no matter what problems uprising.

Our values

Finding the best solution and assist our client's in any regard. We have a simple purpose – to serve customers well and in time of needed.


You are in good company!

see our happy client and people we have helped.

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