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Join & work together with other cooperate in all fields to find extraordinary solution, put our-self in clients shoe to understand their problem and the solution their wish for. Never stop learning new matter.

Vitaly Tantsyura
Our goals
Our goals

Increase client's benefit & lower time consumption by assist our clients to the right direction and help their prepare everything they need. 

Be the top Consulting & Assistance company in Thailand for foreigner.

Be able to help our clients in anyway and any fields.

Be one of the insurance broker leader in Thailand.

Grow Status Club into "1 stop services" where customers can come to us whenever they get problems. 

Adding value to our company with efficient and success to continue growing our company. 

Create more time and less headache for our customers. 

Be honest and sincere.

Be friendly and approachable.

Be kind and courteous.

Research every matter to understand the problems of our customers.

Create values for people.

Expand our networking to increase our partners family and provide our clients with far more various and solutions.

Always be there for our clients.

Company philosophy

Be the savior for our clients, be where our clients need, 

be there when our clients wanted us.


We wish to be recognized by name and reputation as the outstanding assistance company whom able to help every client to solve their problems and make life much easier and relax.


We strive to reliably deliver excellent and quality service that surpass our client's expectations. Put our business standards to support innovative solutions.  

What we do . . .

Finding the best solution and assist our client's in any regard, no matter what problems uprising.

Who we are . . .

We're team of experience people who living in Thailand for many years before and facing through a difficult time learning the way of living and to do things. After many years of mistaken and try we thinking about helping other like us. 

Our values

Finding the best solution and assist our client's in any regard. We have a simple purpose – to serve customers well and in time of needed.


You are in good company!

see our happy client and people we have helped.

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