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We're team of experience people who living in Thailand for many years before and facing through a difficult time learning the way of living and doing things. After many years of mistaken and try we thinking about helping other like us. 

The SC Story
The SC Story

SC started up in 2004, and we’ve come a long way. From our beginnings as an Assistance company who help our clients in health care with later on expand in to education and travelling service.

In 2012 our founder Mr.Vitaly Tantsyura decided to extent our help to Thailand with his personal experience from living in Thailand, he start a new company project in the name of SC Thailand with his partner Mr.Daniel R McCormick in 2013 focus on solving common problem of foreigner.    

Our Beginning


February 2004

Status Club | Med

is founded in Vladivostok, 

Russia, by Vitaly

January 2006

Status Club | Kids was born, new project focus on helping with Russian  students to study aboard.    

June 2009

Status Club | VIP new project which assist individual travelling around the world.    

April 2012

Status Club expand their services in Thailand in the name of

Status Club Co.,Ltd.    

November 2014

Signing contract with AXA Insurance (Thailand) and begin an insurance agent services.    

March 2014

Status Club start to work with cooperate to assist them in doing business in Thailand.

March 2015

Signing contract with "Get Air, USA" a trampoline park provider.

July 2016

New project on private investment consulting & business 

May 2016

Begin cooperate with Law Firm company in working with foreigner clients.  

October 2004

Status Club | Med signing contract with 21 hospitals in Korea, China, Thailand provide treatment and surgery aboard.   

August 2006

Status Club | Kids start sending students to England for summer camp.     

May 2006

Status Club | Kids, English training program class opening in Vladivostok.     

June 2007

3 new private Russia hospitals signing contract with SC | Med for aboard treatment project.   

July 2007

47 students joining summer camp projects combine 4 difference country.    

December 2007

More than 150 patients goes through SC | Med for surgery & treatment aboard.    

February 2008

Summer camp projects started.   

August 2009

Status Club | VIP & Med combine services on both travelling / insurance / medical treatment.    

October 2009

Status Club | Kids, returning students to summer camp & study in France, England, Italy, Korea & China.

May 2012

Status Club begin consulting & assistance services in Thailand.

June 2013

Status Club signing contract with sub-contractor in construction & renovation service.

September 2013

Status Club painting service begin.

February 2015

Begin assistance service on accounting & financial.

June 2016

Signing contract with J.J. & T.T. Legal Services. 

June 2016

Signing contract with The Social Lawyers Company. 

December 2016

Status Club celebrate it success on solving 5000 problems within 3 years of service.  

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