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SC had solved over 5,000 problems. We got both modest and tremendous projects passing through us and still going on. Each of them needed specific comprehensions within their field, while we couldn't list all our projects since there were too many of them but we could've shown you some major ones.

SP 2 Village 

SP 2 Village 

Investment & Renovate Project

In this project, we were assigned to make a statistics marketing research upon property investment combined with a renovation projected.


The project took a total of 6 months to transform a 10 years old house into a luxury high-standard house.  



NTT Gigabit

NTT Gigabit

New business (Internet Provider)

In early 2015, We started a project together with "NTT Gigabit Co.,Ltd" a new internet service provider (ISP) company whom wished to started they business in Thailand start with Pattaya City. An interesting concept of high-speed and high quality wifi usage on islands all around Thailand had took us in.


SC had provide numerous services started from company registration, work permit, visa run, ISP license apply through "National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) and helping in prepare of employees, technician services, telephone line, construction, office rent and agreement.    

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