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Welcome to FAQ section, please feel free to contact us if there is no answer for the question you looking for.
Q : How do SC charge me for services?
We charge our clients depend on which kind of job it is, we got two option on this:

1.  Hourly Rate: If we help you for 1 hour, you pay us for 1 hour.  If we help you for 2 hours, you pay us for 2 hour worth of service, etc.

2.  Project Rate: Before we begin working on your project, we establish a mutually-agreed-upon rate for the entire project.  Whatever that final rate would be, you would pay a 30% deposit on Day One of your project and pay the final 70% upon completion of your project.

Q : Can I really ask Status Club for any kind of help?

YES! Absolutely.

​Our main goal is to help our clients in every possible way with friendly, courteous, efficient service.  Regardless of how small or large your problem might be, we strive to attentively listen and clearly understand your goals.   Next, we gather resources to successfully solve your problem.

Q : You can help me with translation work?  How many languages do you speak at Status Club? 

Yes, we can.  That’s one of our specialties.

We fluently speak three languages:

Thai, English, and Russian


Our translation and interpreter services can easily help you solve your problem by quickly breaking through the language barrier.  Translation services might include working with contracts, documents, visas, websites, or simultaneous translations.

Q : Can you work with clients living abroad or on the site?

Sure can!


Clients Living Abroad: If you live abroad and want to prepare for your upcoming trip or new business venture before arriving in Thailand, we can easily assist you by communicating with you through emails, skype conference calls or phone calls.

Clients on Site: If you need us to work with you at your home, your office, your hospital, a car repair shop, or any other location around Pattaya, we will gladly be there to help you.  We frequently work with clients to solve their problem dealing with landlords, plumbers, electrical technicians, construction workers, doctors, lawyers, the court system, visa services, and the police.  Simply tell us your needs and we will quickly be there to help you, wearing a friendly smile.

Q : How can we request for a visit at Status Club office?

You can submit your request through our contact form here 

Q : Is the first consulting with Status Club will be free of charge?

Yes, in most case we would provide a free consulting in any field and discuss while listening to your issue at hand.


In some rare cases when our customer decided to use our service after meeting with us for 10 minutes, then the hourly rate charge would be applied. We only charge our customer when they decided to used our services not when they only want to discuss.

Q : Can I get insurance from other company from Status Club rather than AXA?

As of now, we are an agent for only AXA insurance company and no other, so we can only provide you with a full range of coverage that been offer by AXA only.


Status Club did have a plan to extend our insurance services and becoming a full insurance broker in near future but that still in process.   

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