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SC | Finance & Accounting

We provides the convenient service of monthly tax and social security reporting and tax payment to the Revenue Department and other relevant government authorities on behalf of our clients.

Finance & Accounting Services

Types of services

Monthly Accounting

VAT & Withholding Tax

Reporting Compliance

Payroll Management

Annual Audit

Financial Planning



Social Security Fund

Expense Management

Fixed Assets

Company Registration

6 Reason to use our

SC | Finance & Accounting Services


Accounting develops as your business develops, we understand that.

All the technical knowledge you'll need

The pool of supporting experts and the ability to satisfy our clients' requirements in every way you could have to think of.

Deliver your work promptly

Deliver all works right on time in accordance with the agreed timetable, punctual is trust in business.

Offer affordable accounting services for small / big businesses

No matter who is our clients we make sure that our services is righteousness pay and are affordable to everyone. 

Always at our best

ensure that you receive the highest levels of customer service and best practices throughout entire processing.

Listen before act

We listen before giving out any advice and consult.

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